Friday, 27 March 2009

Just a quick one...

Guys. Guys. Guys.
I saw the trailer for Spike Jonze's 'Where The Wild Things Are' today. 
I am so excited. You can see it here, and if you guys haven't read the book, I seriously recommend it.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I Like Birthdays.

I really enjoy making little things for people. It was my friend's birthday a short while back, and I made one of those Shin Tanaka paper dolls for her. I didn't design this one myself, it was a pre-made one, because I was planning on sending it to her for her birthday. Unfortunately I didn't know her address until last week, and she's coming down this week so I thought I may as well just give it to her in person.
Anyway, I had some spare foamboard left over from a uni project, so I decided to make a box for the doll, to make it a bit more personalised considering the doll wasn't my design.
So, yeah, here's some pictures! And as always, I made a card.
I really should come up with something to put at the back of cards, instead of making something up each time, should I make more of them. I went with the interrobang because it exudes "wtf", and it's an awesome word.