Monday, 17 August 2009

Book and painting

Did some things to send off for this thingy, kinda like a secret santa (but its not Christmas), that we do on the Unified Scene, which is the Hold Steady forum.
So I made a book for this guy, and the little slip thingy that goes over it has the Stay Positive logo on it. I also did a Dylan painting for him. I got a picture of Dylan, played with the levels and threshold in Photoshop, and then imported it into Illustrator, live traced it, then physically traced it - off the screen of my laptop, no less - and painted it.
Chuffed how it came out, actually!
Peace x

Sharks rock.

Hey guys.. Just a little something I threw together the other day, because sharks are so cool.
It's not showing up on here so I'm gonna have to just send you on over to my DeviantArt page.
If you are gonna download it, please drop a comment either there or here (if you have an account), or send an email down to chrisstringer[dot]des[at]googlemail[dot][com]. Thanks :)