Monday, 27 April 2009

Take back the streets.

So I've really gotten into stickers, as I said. And I was really inspired by Karl Toon and his character, and thought about doing something sort of similar; but with a bit more to it. So I was thinking, and there's this character I've been playing with for ages, (another rabbit - go figure) called Harvey. And he's y'know, kind of the main character in a graphic novel I will never write - I'm sure somebody else knows how that is! And I was thinking - the reason I won't write it is because I'm not really talented - or patient - enough to do backgrounds and inbetween frames and stuff. So then I thought - what if the street (how gangster does that sound?) was the background? So I'll just print the characters and maybe props, and stick or post them on walls and stuff? I think this could be quite cool. Anyway, today I sketched a little thing of 'Harvey' running up behind a guard (oh Hell yeah there's archetypal bad guys). I'm currently working on the guard in Illustrator (will update when finished), and I've already done Harvey.
Hope you liketh!


Monday, 6 April 2009

Wild Wild West.. and a Demon.

So yeah. I really should go to sleep, but I find myself staying up for no reason, and when I have nothing left to do, I actually find something to do. 
Anyway, here's an Illustrator-ed version of the Wild West Bunny, and a weird Demon thing I drew on a tiny tiny post-it. 

Peace x

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


So, I've finished uni for Easter, and I really enjoyed this term. It seems that the course is getting better (in my opinion), and the briefs and projects are getting more interesting as we get more talented. I like. So, now I'm off for a month and don't know what to do with myself. I went to the Library yesterday to find a book on the Queen (it is harder than you'd think to get a good, hi res image of the Queen like the one Jamie Reid used for the Se Pistols), and found this book called "Sticker City" about sticker-graffiti. It's something I've been interested in for a while, and this book seems to have a lot of information on how people work, etc, which is the kind of book I like - rather than just "this is so and so, he is good", it's more like here are artists, here is their work, and here's how they work. There's also a short section on methods, about artists making their own screens (for screen printing). So yeah that's good. Anyway, in between Scrabble and Jean Claude Van Damme movies, I've been sketching and looking to buy a4 sicker sheets, 'cause I really want to create some stickers of my own. Also, if you're on DeviantArt, check out some of the sticker work on there go through Traditional Art>Street Art>Stickers (or just go here)- ultimately inspiring.
In the meantime, here's this bunny character I've been working on. I should put more of my sketches up here, because it's weird how characters quite often become rabbits. Must be my undying love for Bucky O'Hare. If you had to hit the link to find out what that was, I am disappointed.

Peace! x